The Story of Southbound

Success has been no coincidence for Southbound. Founding members Allen Seals, Tom & Michelle Scarpelli and Jeffrey Friend were long-time veterans of the Dayton club circuit, each with an impressive list of past bands and projects on their playing resumes, covering nearly every genre of music. The four were brought together by mutual associations with other Dayton-area musicians, and through the course of helping each other cover shows, developing friendships and occasionally jamming together, discovered they had a playing chemistry of their own that should be explored. Focusing primarily on material in the Southern Rock genre, the band began rehearsals in October of 2012 and Southbound was born.

In December of 2012, a chance meeting between Tom and Dave Benson, another seasoned Dayton musician, led to an audition with Southbound and by March of 2013 the band was working to book its first show. Southbound debuted live to a packed house at Hank’s Pub in Kettering on June 8, 2013 and has since become a fixture in the Dayton live-music scene. The Hank’s gig proved to be the beginning of great things for the band, including release of their all-original album “Hands Of Time” in March, 2015, and a full schedule of shows each year since, with the venues and crowds steadily growing.

In August 2016, Southbound welcomed drummer Steve Benson to the band when Jeff Friend departed to pursue other projects. With the line-up change, the band began to expand its catalog to include more great classic/deep classic music in the Rock genre.

In July of 2019, drummer Steve Benson departed and founding member Jeff Friend rejoined the band. The band will continue expanding its catalog into more great classic/deep classic rock while continuing to feature the driving riffs, infectious hooks, and intricate vocal harmonies that Southbound fans have come to expect and enjoy. Southbound will also renew its focus on writing and performing (and eventually recording) more original material for a future album release.