Dave Benson

Guitar & Vocals

dave benson

Originally From: Xenia, Ohio
Years Played: 33 years
Previous Bands: Rockin' Mojo, Deja Mojo, Budder Face, The Has-Bens, Tarp, RayZrs Edge, Blues Power

Influences/Favorite Players: Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Peter Frampton, Derek Trucks. I’ve been fortunate to know and play with some of the best musicians ever to come out of Dayton… players who have been mentors and people you know you can count on. Southbound endures for similar reasons. We pride ourselves on loving and respecting each other, and being a family of musicians. That translates to our music and performance, which ultimately translates to our audience. The band has grown immensely through all our successes, line-up changes, occasional shifts in musical direction and a ton of hard work. We’ve had ups and downs as all bands do, but now, in 2019, returning to the original Southbound line-up has us all excited about recapturing that special something that set us off on this adventure in 2013, and using the experience of the past almost seven years, to reach new heights and live-out some of those dreams we had from the very beginning. We all look forward to seeing how far we can go, but I think we’ll probably take time to enjoy it a little more this time around… the music, the shows, & especially the friendships.

Most Memorable Music Moments: Performing in Nashville, writing and recording Southbound’s 2015 all-original album “Hands Of Time”; Appearing as a guest vocalist on the 2013 Dixie Peach album "Blues With Friends".