About Southbound

Southbound at the Beavercreek Concert series

Southbound is a well-established, well-known commodity around Ohio! We play a unique selection of great memory evoking Classic Rock/Deep Classic Rock songs, as well as a mix of Modern Classic Rock/Roots Rock and Southern Rock songs sprinkled in for good measure! Add in our original songs, and you’ve got a recipe for a great mix of music.

Southbound features 5 accomplished singers focusing on strong vocal harmonies and iconic guitar riffs, which lends itself to covering all the best Rock vocal bands throughout time. We work hard to ensure all the songs we play are true to the original versions, with the occasional twist that only Southbound can pull-off. Don’t take our word for it though, check us out on our Facebook page or on YouTube, or join us at one of our upcoming events to see for yourself. If you like us, contact us and we’ll come play your next big event.


The History of Southbound

Success has been no coincidence for Southbound. Founding members Allen Seals, Tom & Michelle Scarpelli and Jeffrey Friend were long-time veterans of the Dayton club circuit, each with an impressive list of past bands and projects on their playing resumes, covering nearly every genre of music. Focusing primarily on material in the Southern Rock genre, the band began rehearsals in October of 2012. Read more...